National Forest System Land Management Planning
This final rule describes the National Forest System (NFS) land management planning framework; sets up requirements for sustainability of social, economic, and ecological systems; and gives directions for developing, amending, revising, and monitoring land management plans.

National Environmental Policy Act Quick Guide
The National Environmental Policy Act was created to help bring diverse groups together so that they might identify common problems and interests and create solutions that could not be accomplished in isolation. It is provided here to help the reader understand his interests and rights vis-à-vis exploration and production entities.

Oil and Gas Fact Sheet
A summary statement concerning the proposed drilling anticipated to take place on Mt. Herman to help the reader understand the process, and some of the risks of exploratory drilling.

Video of Drilling
The following videos give you a real-life sense of the look and sound of a gas drilling operation and site. There’s lots more available on the Internet; these are just some examples.