Front Range Environmental Resource Coalition

Purpose Statement

March, 2008

The Front Range Environmental Resource Coalition (“FRERC”) is a nonprofit organization formed in March of 2008. We are dedicated to doing our best to ensure the quality of the natural resources in the Pike National Forest, located in northern El Paso County, stays as beautiful and natural as we found them when we arrived.

Comprised of individuals and organizations from Monument and Palmer Lake, Colorado, FRERC conducts studies, publishes research and holds public informational meetings to improve factual understanding of proposed activities which can affect our natural environment. Through active community involvement we promote unity of purpose in seeking to attain the best possible outcome in keeping our nearby lands as natural and clean as we possibly can. Please join us in this effort.

Board Members:
Chris Amenson President and Director
Glenn Yoder Treasurer and Director
Gloria Lanyon Secretary and Director
Fred Lanyon Director