Dyad Petroleum Decision Delayed


Dyad Petroleum Decision Delayed


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 25, 2008.Pike National Forest, Pikes Peak Ranger Brent Botts said more information has been requested from Dyad Petroleum before a thorough Environmental Assessment (EA) can be completed for the El Paso County project.  No decision on the exploratory drilling proposal is expected prior to the Spring of  2009.According to Botts, “We asked Dyad Petroleum representatives for additional information about the site, roads, air and water quality and they responded favorably.  It will likely take at least another six months to evaluate the information and prepare the environmental analyses.”The Forest Service will prepare a formal scoping statement and solicit public comment following receipt and evaluation of the additional information requested of Dyad.” 

The whole News Release is available at the USFS website – http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/psicc/ppThis News Release appears to indicate that the draft EA will not be released for another 6 months followed by the 30-day public comment period.  Note though that this does NOT mean that the issue of gas drilling in the Tri-Lakes area has gone away!  Only that the next step in the USFS/BLM decision process has been delayed.  Those of us interested in this issue still need to be informing and arousing interest in others and preparing our technical response to the upcoming draft EA.


Please watch the FRERC website for updates as available.

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